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Reiki Business Summit - Free Bonus Gifts

Four-Day Live Event Hosted by Christian Stone

Join the premier live online event for Reiki practitioners starting or growing their Reiki business. Andrea and other guest speakers welcome you to this empowering four-day event, providing valuable insights, practical strategies, and networking opportunities to move your Reiki business forward.

Your Offer: 3 Free Business Workshops for BTRG listeners only!

Receive these recordings:
1. Is it Time to Start Your Reiki Business?
2. How to Start Your Reiki Business
3. How to Navigate the First 3 Years of Your Reiki Business

In these workshop recordings, Christian Stone, host of the Reiki Business Summit, helps Reiki practitioners determine if they're ready to start their Reiki business, provides a step-by-step process on how to get started, and offers encouragement for the first three years of your Reiki business journey.

Yours free with any level of Summit registration!

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Reiki Business Summit - Free Bonus Gifts
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