Beyond the Reiki Gateway

Season 2 is underway!

New Episodes released on Wednesdays 

every other week!

Come along with Reiki Masters, Kathleen Johnson and Andrea Kennedy, as they lead you on an exploration through the Reiki gateway and beyond, helping you to discover your unique path to wholeness and authenticity. Listen and learn as they discuss topics such as Crystal Healing, Past Lives and Reincarnation, Spiritual Awakening, Spirit Guides, Meditation, Empaths, Life Purpose and, of course, Reiki!

Your Hosts

Reiki Master Practitioners, Instructors and Seekers

We both know how learning Reiki opens up a new world of exploration into countless spiritual curiosities because that is exactly what happened to us! If you are a seeker wanting to deepen your knowledge, find solutions and bring more light into our world we warmly invite you to join us every two weeks as we venture through and Beyond the Reiki Gateway, to help you create your unique path that is just right for you.

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Kathleen Johnson

Practicing Reiki Since 2009

Founder of UniverSoul Heart

Committed to assisting others in transforming their lives, as they discover their unique paths to wholeness and authenticity. 


Andrea Kennedy

Practicing Reiki Since 1995

Founder of Mainstream Reiki

Dedicated to bringing Reiki further into the mainstream through education and practice while empowering others on their unique paths.

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