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Past and Upcoming BTRG Insider Exclusives

July 2024 - Sheila Trecartin discusses auras, the energetic field that surrounds living things, and how to see and interpret them.

June 2024 - Heather McCutcheon shares the feedback she and her volunteers get from those who receive 10-minute Reiki sessions at their events. Then Heather gives more information about her organization and its work.

May 2024 - Karen Caig Karen reveals the repetitive signs that led her to make the huge move to Ecuador. What kinds of signs would it take for you to make a move as big as hers?

April 2024 - Shannon Keating and Andrea talk about human design in the context of young women.

March 2024 - Marysol invites you to relax and enjoy her personally selected music and light language track - headphones suggested for full effect.

February 2024 - Pam Allen LeBlanc talks about the future and if she wins the election.

January 2024 - Jean Slatter and Andrea talk more in-depth about reversing allergies.


December Extra! - Julia Balaz on Galactic Astrology and the higher self.


December 2023 - Wendie Colter shares energetic hygiene advice for empaths.

November 2023 - Bonus conversation with Robert Lee Camp!

October 2023 - Penelope Smith Shares more on telepathic communication with our animal friends.


September 2023 - Michael Smith shares celebrity readings using Base-12 Numerology - nearly 30 minutes of bonus conversation!

August 2023 - Suzy Miller and Andrea discuss spirit guides and offer a perspective not widely talked about.


July 2023 - Eileen McKusick shares a story from her own healing practice she rarely talks about. Straight from the "You Just Can't Make This Stuff Up" files, it is fascinating!

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