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Season 4 Trailer - Join Us July 19th, 2023 For the Launch
Season 4 Trailer - Join Us July 19th, 2023 For the Launch
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S2 Ep5 - Crystals for Balance Through the Holidays
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S3 Ep22 - Season 3 Finale:  The Inside Scoop, a Farewell & the Future
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S2 Ep4 - Is Your Cup Empty?
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New Episodes out on Wednesdays!

The first episode of Beyond the Reiki Gateway debuted in January of 2021 to all the major podcast apps in audio form. In August of 2022, we created a YouTube channel and began publishing a no-frills version of both previous and new episodes each Wednesday to offer our listeners more choices to enjoy the show.


NEW in Season 4! We are publishing the actual video recordings so you can watch Andrea and her guests throughout the recording of the episode! Begin watching this new format July 19th, 2023 with Season 4, Episode One! Let Andrea the BTRG Team know what you think, like your favorite episodes, and comment, too!

Subscribe by visiting the channel here: Make sure to choose to get notifications so you never miss a chance to be among the first to listen, watch and engage with the new releases and leave your comments.

Sign up for the Newsletter through the form below to stay in the know about what's coming and get more scoop on the show. 

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