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S1 Ep17 - Choosing Reiki Classes
S1 Ep17 - Choosing Reiki Classes
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S3 Ep17 - The Songs and Science of Crystals with Angie Yingst
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S1 Ep16 - Spirit Guides Connecting & Communicating
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S3 Ep16 - Lessons from Past Lives with Simon Bown
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New Episodes out on Wednesdays!

Kathleen and Andrea began publishing episodes in January of 2021 to all the major podcast apps. Now in Season 3, they will begin releasing both new and older episodes on the new YouTube Channel each Wednesday!

Join in with Live Chats, occasional giveaways and YouTube Premieres on the channel. 


Just Subscribe by clicking HERE to go to the YouTube Channel now. Make sure to choose to get notifications so you never miss a chance to connect with them Live or be among the first to listen and engage with the new releases and leave your comments.

Come along as they lead you on an exploration through the Reiki gateway and beyond, helping you to discover your unique path to wholeness and authenticity.

Listen and learn as they discuss topics such as Crystal Healing, Past Lives and Reincarnation, Spiritual Awakening, Spirit Guides, Meditation, Empaths, Life Purpose and, of course, Reiki! Discover new and intriguing special g
uests, too!

Connect with Kathleen and Andrea through the newsletter and email them with suggestions and feedback. Listen here, on YouTube and on all your favorite apps.

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